MoID Vision

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At the beginning of July, MoID got picked out of 96 startups as one of 8 teams to participate in the Society3 Accelerator in San Francisco. This accelerator has a strong focus on traction and we are getting feedback on every step we do. The great thing is that we do not only get feedback from the accelerator, but also from the other startups. And you won’t believe it, some of them are struggling with the same problems we do! We love it so far.

One of our tasks was to create a short video to clarify the vision of MoID. We created a 3 min video in the perspective of the year 2025 about what we have reached the last ten years. It sounds easy, but actually it wasn’t. We invested a huge amount of time to get our vision crystal clear and we are still not sure if we get it to the point. We hope you like it anyway but we will continue to work on it.