What makes a successful event?

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Everybody who attended an event such as a tech meet up, a fair, or a conference, wonders about the same: Was this event worth attending? Was it successful? It’s not only about how much money you spend, but also about the time you invest in relation to the outcome. Probably the best result for us is to get in touch with people who can help us - no matter if they are potential new clients, press contacts, investors, or simply people who like what we are doing.

But why are some events more successful than others?
Probably the most essential success factor for event organizers - besides from finding helpful sponsors - is to find awesome speakers. Speakers are not just important to obtain high quality content for the prospective audience, but also to get attention for an event in advance. Moreover, their announcement helps to form a big and likeminded audience, so that event organizers can select their attendees in the best case or simply adjust the ticket pricing ;-)  All organizers of successful events look for these three components: great speakers, a homogeneous audience, and sponsors to keep ticket prices on a moderate level. 

But there are more possibilities to maximize the outcome for the attendees. 
The most helpful organizers know their attendees in advance and proactively help to build an effective network, so that everybody has the chance to contact people that matter to them. In addition, and this is probably best practice, organizers should know what every single attendee is doing, in what they are good at, and what they are looking for. Providing all this information in advance might seem time consuming to the regular attendee, but it can be a great chance to connect with likeminded people, for instance in speed networking or discussion rounds out of the limelight. 

For us, the event with the best outcome yet was the Collision conference 2014 in Las Vegas, which was organized by the same guys who run the Summit in Dublin every year. We can’t wait to attend the Summit in November and we can only highly recommend it! These guys really know how to organize events. 

But since you will still miss interesting people on a big event, we decided to modify our app: it will soon be possible to directly access the social media profiles of the people around you. Like, “hey this press guy could be a good contact, let’s add him on LinkedIn”. Our users told us that it would be extremely helpful to identify interesting people around them. We totally agree.

MoID at the Collision conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

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