Good news: MoID went Instagram

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We just released a new version of MoID with Instagram support. If you use Instagram, this is why these are phenomenal news for you:

1. People nearby can easily follow you
Say you are a fashion blogger. Wouldn’t it be great if people around you could actually see and follow you on Instagram? Look no further! With MoID people can directly see your Instagram feed when you are nearby. They do not need to know your username or search for any tags. Yeah, it’s really that easy.

2. You can see Instagram pics of people around you
You are sitting in a lecture and want to browse the Instagram pics of people around you? Easy as pie. Open MoID and you’ll see a list of people around you. Tap on a person to see their Instagram feed.

Catch me if you can

Actually MoID and Instagram fit so well together, that we are really thinking about making a standalone app just for Instagram. We’d call it “Catch me if you can”, and it would focus entirely on browsing Instagram users around you.

So here’s an open question to you: what are your thoughts about such an app? Would you use it? Which features would you want to see? We’d love to get your thoughts on that in the comments!