Additional features cost growth. We tried it! ;-)

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As a startup nowadays you need to have a vision. Something you can answer if people ask where you want to be in ten years. And it’s not just that answer - for a startup it's a perfect way to keep focused in the face of all these brilliant ideas of yourself, your team, customers, and friends you're getting everyday. „Wouldn’t it be cool if we….“ or „couldn’t you integrate…“ or „why don’t you just…“. Don’t get me wrong, we love to get feedback and we are taking everything into account, but we can’t integrate too much at the beginning. 
At least feedback means that people understand what we are doing, and that is what we really care for. The more features you integrate in a novel, early stage product, the more confusing it is for your early adopters. However, it is essential that these early adopters understand what you are doing and, in addition, that they can repeat and reformulate it. The number of features needs to grow with the user base and not the other way around. Believe me, we tried it! ;-) Too many features, actually, cost growth.

New features need to be implemented hand in hand with a growing number of users. That way, existing users learn step by step and can become advocates who do not simply recommend the product, but can also show others how to use it.
So, in case you do not have as many users as Facebook yet, keep it as simple as possible.

Phillip Bellé - CEO of MoID
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