Multiple software platforms and versions - a chance for startups!

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As a startup with a mobile product we often get asked to make MoID available on other software platforms than iOS or Android. To be honest we love to get this question because it shows that at least some people like what we are doing. We always feel bad to answer that we have to focus on iOS and Android due to our limited startup resources. Wouldn’t it be a great scenario if simply all users would use the same platform and if they would get updates automatically. No need to develop the same product several times for different OS and simply kicking older code needed for older versions. We would be a lot faster, it could be so easy…
Fortunately it’s not that easy! Within that scenario, the absolutely dominating platform could easily rebuild everything startups invented. WhatsApp would have had no chance competing against iMessage, Facebook could have been pulled from Android to make people using Google+ and Spotify pulled from iOS to protect iTunes, if there wouldn’t be the choice to switch for the users. Of course you have to make it to the stage where it is making sense to cover all big platforms but as soon as you get there you will find a bigger potential market than Apple or Google sometimes find.
Thanks for that competition between the big ones!

But there is still one thing you could do that really helps. Update your devices as soon as available! ;-) 

By the way, as soon as iOS 8 will be available will quit supporting iOS 6. Sorry!

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