Why is the new MoID on Android much better?

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A new version of our Android version is out! It has many improvements but they're not visible for the user, that's why I'm writing this post!

First of all, this version is yet technologically in 2014: it means that we removed the old libraries and softwares to take only the best (for our great users, of course)! So, we moved to Gradle, we write now code with Android Studio and we make our exchange between client and server with Google Volley. From a developer side, it's day and night: the IDE is much more stable and the build process much more customizable!
But it brings also cool aspects to the users: Volley is much faster than LoopJ and also a bit more secured (I have to admit that our implementation of the old library, LoopJ, was not perfect...).

Also, the current version is so stable and reliable that it gave us the possibility to find a tiny bug in the MoID Server API, a thing which was totally impossible with the old one.

In the new version, you'll find a new Panel which demonstrates one of our new directions: gamification! It's called "Leaderboard" and you'll see there the best MoID users on the Earth (the goal is that you become #1).
To be #1 on Android, it will be a bit more complicated than on iOS because you cannot drop your ID (not yet, but it's the next step and it will come fast!) but I'm sure that the Android users are much better than the iOS users (yeah, I'm an Android user :P) so it's the perfect place to demonstrate this: invite friends, exchange contacts and be at the top!

Yes, I designed the "?", beautiful, isn't it ? ;)

Laurent Meyer
Android (what else?) Developer
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