Why we focus on events.

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In our latest pivot, we decided to focus on events as part of our go-to-market strategy. But why?

Well, first of all, events are the place where networking actually happens in a concentrated form. This makes them the perfect scenario for MoID. That is, if we can ease part of the pain that networking causes you on events, then we did something right.

Second, events allow us to establish an environment where networking gets efficient. While typically the main problem for networking apps is that both parties need to have the app, the advantage of events lies in their organization: The event organizer usually sends out pre-event notes to their future attendees, to facilitate their experience. We found that around 80% of attendees install MoID before an event, if told so by the organizer.

Third, we will soon be able to provide premium features to event organizers, such as generating event summaries and stats for their users, and creating recommendations for users who might be interested in future events.

Last but not least, MoID is the only networking app which works across all events. This is most handy for you, our users, because you do not need to install a new event app for every event you attend. 

We are quite happy. So far, we were or will be the official networking app on most of the major startup events in the German-speaking area, including Sp├Ątschicht, Bits and Pretzels, and Goto Startups.

You are an event organizer? We integrate your event for free! Click here for more info.